Why do we have a minimum flower spend?

 I hope to explain the question about having a minimum spend. We have received a few questions about why we have one when some other wedding florists and flower shops do not. For our floral studio it all comes down to quality + customer service 

As many of you already know, fresh flowers are not inexpensive, especially if you choose to work with premium blooms. Even locally grown USA flowers can still be expensive due to demand or freight costs. To learn more about flower costs please read  About Wedding Flower Pricing.

So what is a minimum spend and why do we have one? A minimum spend is the minimum budget our studio will work with to design wedding flowers. We generally do not work with budgets below this minimum unless it's for our designers choice option which I'll explain more about later. Our minimum spend is currently $3,000 before delivery, set up and tear-down costs but is adjusted each year. Most of our clients have budgets that are double or triple the minimum spend as flowers are a huge decor priority for them, often being their only decor item. The minimum spend of $3,000 is typically enough to cover personal flowers, a few ceremony flowers and reception arrangements (4-6 bouquets + 4-6 boutonnieres, 5-10 centerpieces and flowers for a ceremony archway or fireplace all depending on the size of the designs and flower varieties used).







 Why do we have a minimum spend?
Our minimum spend is in place for several reasons. Firstly, our floral design style is characterized by using high end premium flowers (spray roses, garden roses, ranunculus, peonies, anemones, dahlias, hellebores, protea etc). We often use numerous varieties of flowers and foliage in our designs so that they have texture, dimension and are full, lush and inspired by natural English gardens. This look, as well as most of the favorite wedding flower images on Pinterest, are more expensive to create.

Secondly, we are not a flower shop that can sell excess flowers to the public if we over order. We are a floral studio that pre-orders our flowers specifically for the wedding or event that has been booked. Like all flower shops and studio florists, we must purchase flowers in wholesale quantities. However; if a client is only requiring a couple bouquets, we can not resell any extra flowers that don't get used. We do take on smaller weddings but they still have large floral budgets so that all of the flowers ordered can be used for the wedding.

Thirdly, and most importantly, having a minimum spend allows us to provide better customer service to our clients. There are some flower shops and studio florists that do not have minimums in place and take up to 10 or more wedding bookings per weekend.  Taking less weddings at higher price points also allows us to easily and quickly correspond with each of our clients and also allows our team to have a weekend off each month to be rejuvenated between wedding weekends. 

Having a minimum spend has allowed us to give more attention to detail to our clients and allows us more time to fill their orders and create the full, garden style wedding floral designs we are known for and that our clients love! We adore our clients so much and don't want anything but the best for them!

 Do you ever work with couples that have a budget below the minimum spend?

Yes, but not very often. We have a Designer's Choice option available which you can read more about here. This option can not be booked more than 3 months in advance and it allows our floral designers to choose the flowers + foliage that will be designed in the wedding arrangements.
We do a handful of these each year as we are usually booked up for dates more than 3 months out but can occasionally fit an elopement bouquet or intimate wedding into our schedule. If you love our floral designs and trust our team to create something beautiful for you, then this option could be perfect for you!

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Vella Nest Floral is a great fit for the those who value their investment and want to feel confident that their florist is working in their best interest. We care about the smallest details including boutonnière accents, the choice of ribbon on the bouquets, to color hues. All of these details help to tell the story of our clients while creating a perfect celebration for them.

We offer our couples a very intimate, personalized service along with a design aesthetic that feels both natural and romantic. When it comes to weddings, fresh flowers evoke a feeling of life, beauty, and emotion. We love to work with seasonal, novelty blooms, and foliage to create a refined, garden look. We believe flowers should be arranged loosely, in a style that allows each stem to be showcased.

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