Wedding Flower Availability

 Spring {March, April, May}

Tulips, French tulips, parrot tulips, vibernum, peonies (late April + May), ranunculus, anemones, amaryllis (early spring), clematis, grape hyacinth/muscari, hyacinth, iris, lily of the valley (May-very expensive), Queen Anne's Lace, sweet peas, Achillea (May), hellebore, skimmia, BC frittilaria, lilacs, leptospermum (March), Mimosa/acacia (March), BC allium, BC lupins (May), Phlox (May), BC scabiosa (May)

Summer {June, July, August}

BC Astrantia, Peonies (June to mid July), dahlias, zinnias (late summer), cosmos (July + August), chocolate cosmos (they smell like chocolate), cornflower/bachelor's button, coxcomb/celosia (late summer), spirea (June), gladiolus, BC grown hydrangea (late summer), phlox, Queen Anne's Lace, sunflowers, achillea (June + July), allium, astilbe, craspedia, gomphrena, BC agapanthus, crocosmia, BC kalanchoe, BC campanula (June + July), thryptomene (July + August), BC calendula, BC foxglove (June + July), BC sweet william (July), BC lupins (June), BC aconitum (July + August), BC amaranthus (July + August), BC asclepia (August), BC echinops/globe thistle, BC eremurus (June + July), BC helichrysum (July + August), BC lavender (July), BC nigella (July, August), BC veronica (July August), BC stephanotis, snapdragons, BC lysimachia (June + July), BC Delphinium/Larkspur July + August), BC eryngium (June + July), hanging amaranthus (June-August), BC scabiosa (June- August), BC sweet peas (June-August), Alaskan peonies (August- Expensive)

Fall {September, October}

Snow berries (September), Dahlias, zinnias, coxcomb/celosia, BC grown hydrangea, phlox, Queen Anne's Lace, sunflowers, astrantia, astilbe, silver brunia, craspedia, gomphrena, crocosmia, pepper berries, pieris, BC aconitum, BC upright amaranthus, BC echinops/globe thistle, BC helichrysum, nigella, BC veronica, BC delphinium/larkspur (September), hanging amaranthus, BC scabiosa, lunaria, ornamental kale, asters, pampas grass.

Winter {November, December, January + February}

Ranunculus, anemones, amaryllis, tulips, french tulips, parrot tulips, hyacinth, sweet peas, astrantia, astilbe (November), hellebore (January + February), skimmia, privet (November + December), silver brunia, hanging amaranthus (November), ornamental kale, clematis (January + February)

Year Round

The year round blooms may come from BC or be imported from other countries but are accessible year round.

Alstromeria, eryngium, roses, garden roses, spray roses, solidago, lisianthus, liatris, astilbe, mini calla lilies, stephanotis, scabiosa, stock, ranunculus, veronica, iris, freesia, green trick dianthus, bouvardia, gloriosa lily, delphinium, larkspur, snapdragons, daisies, carnations (there are some new varieties that are actually quite pretty), South American hydrangea (light blue + white), ornithogalum/star of Bethlehem, hypericum berries, sweet william dianthus, amaranthus

Tropical blooms available year round are: cymbidium orchids, phalaenopsis orchids, oncidium orchids, James story orchids, Mokara orchids, dendrobium orchids, Birds of Paradise, ginger, protea (pin cushion, pink ice, king), anthurium

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gorgeous florals

Vella Nest Floral is a great fit for the those who value their investment and want to feel confident that their florist is working in their best interest. We care about the smallest details including boutonnière accents, the choice of ribbon on the bouquets, to color hues. All of these details help to tell the story of our clients while creating a perfect celebration for them.

We offer our couples a very intimate, personalized service along with a design aesthetic that feels both natural and romantic. When it comes to weddings, fresh flowers evoke a feeling of life, beauty, and emotion. We love to work with seasonal, novelty blooms, and foliage to create a refined, garden look. We believe flowers should be arranged loosely, in a style that allows each stem to be showcased.

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