In artist at heart. She was born in South America. She learned early in life to appreciate the best of what nature offers. Growing up,  Inspired by color, texture, fragrance, and most of all the changing seasons. She values simplicity and understated details. Lori fell in love with flowers over 4 years ago and hasn’t looked back since.

I'm alexandra Turner, and I'm the owner of Vella Nest floral 

Known for his patient and calm demeanor. Greg embraces humbleness, never overlooks simplicity and has a great respect for nature. He cherishes exploring the great outdoors, whether in the wilderness or in our own backyard at Cedar Hill Park. He holds a passion for both scenic views and a great cup of coffee.

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I have done a lot of weddings and what I have realized is that the most beautiful weddings are the ones that are the most authentic to the couple.
 I feel like that is what we do at Vella Nest Floral really well.  It is an honor to be a part of our client's wedding day. Watching the entire wedding come together makes everything  worth it and I'm really excited to do it again for our next couple!

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Vella Nest Floral is a great fit for those who value their investment and want to feel confident that their florist is working in their best interest. We care about the smallest details including boutonnière accents, the choice of ribbon on the bouquets, to color hues. All of these details help to tell the story of our clients while creating a perfect celebration for them.

We offer our couples a very intimate, personalized service along with a design aesthetic that feels both natural and romantic. When it comes to weddings, fresh flowers evoke a feeling of life, beauty, and emotion. We love to work with seasonal, novelty blooms, and foliage to create a refined, garden look. We believe flowers should be arranged loosely, in a style that allows each stem to be showcased.

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